About Us

All the tool grinding end users have the different problems and reaosns to regrind tools. Yean-Lu-Yi Co. Ltd., commits to help people to solve all kinds of grinding and manfucturing issues and invent new products. Continually  create and challenge is what we do, Come grind with us.

Yean-Lu-Yi is the first company invented the portable tool grinding machines, which has our own ability from design, manfacturing, assembly and sell. In 2007, Yean-Lu-Yi won the Taiwan end users' love. In the next year, we rapidly expanded to Asia and Europe markets and had dealers to help us sell our products. Our products are accessable all around the world is one of our mission. 

Yean-Lu-Yi also has 10-20 different kinds of patent around the world including Taiwan, Japan and China. We also won the best invention award in Taiwan Innotech Expo and the excellent products in The National Brand Yushan Award. Yean-Lu-Yi has the strong confident to say our products are the best and the top. 

Conclusively, we are problem solvers and inventors. We not only create new tool grinding machines but also provide tool grinding services. You can contact us directly from email: info@uenlwue.com.tw or follow us more from facebook: @yeanluyi